Salto de Eje PC is an independent production company founded in 2000 to produce the first short film by Miguel Ángel Calvo Buttini.

Since then he has co-produced two plays (Una pareja cualquiera and El canto de Juan Rana), six feature films (El siglo de Galdós, Donde el bosque se espesa, El lunar, Mami Blue Hijo de Caín y Emilia) and seven short films (the last in 2018, Una humilde propuesta).

Our activity includes, in addition to co-producing an international film every two or three years, most of them directed by Miguel Angel Calvo Buttini, the production of short films and advertising spots for agencies and companies, both public and private.

Salto de Eje PC has in its team professionals of the caliber of Twin Freaks Studio, Doce Gatos, Twin Freaks Studio, Antonello Novellino, Alfonso Segura, Miguel Doblado, Manu Robles or Antonio Durán.

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