Mami Blue

Director: Miguel Angel Calvo Buttini
Screenplay: Miguel Ángel Calvo Buttini, Ana Lozano Valverde, Alvaro Lión-Depetre, Antonio Durán
Genre: Comedy
Production companies: Salto de Eje PC, Jaleo Films, Life Pictures, Portugal.

Teresa, an elderly woman close to 80 who has just been put in the asylum by her son, and Luz Estela, the young South American who takes care of her, decide to break things off and escape in Luz Estela’s boyfriend’s car. Unaware of the loot they have inside the car, their escape will provoke a fun chase that will take place through surprising landscapes, which will include Teresa’s son, Luz Estela’s mafia boyfriend, a gang of small-time traffickers and a private Civil Guard couple. On the run they will encounter a curious variety of characters, discovering that life can bring you many surprises.

Second feature film by Miguel Ángel Calvo Buttini, a Spanish-Portuguese co-production that won several public awards, including the first Filmin festival, which premiered in the main theaters throughout the country on June 11, 2011. It participated in many national and international festivals. , among them the class A festival Shanghai International Film Festival and, according to RNE3’s Seventh Vice and Variety, “one of the surprises of 2011.”.

National distributor and sales agent of Onza Distribution.

Mami Blue

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